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Strata Gardens are our speciality
Why ADACare
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Whether it’s a one-off visit to simply get the garden into shape or regular visits ensuring your lawn and garden are always looking at their best, we would be pleased to help you turn your garden into an asset that can be enjoyed all year round.

Lawn Mowing
We use the latest commercial lawn mowers available to give the perfect finish and we change the blades on a regular basis to ensure your lawn has a neat and tidy finish. We recommend lawn mowing every two weeks in the growing seasons and every month during winter.

Correct edging is performed around your lawns trees, clothes lines and garden features. We specialise in overgrown edges!
Leaf Blowing/removal
We use a variety of leaf blowers to remove the most stubborn leaves from hard surfaces. We can also remove excess leaves from garden beds using the good old rake.

Hedging And Shaping

We use a range of techniques to ensure your hedges are cut properly with straight lines giving a neat shape. Get the perfect result using our professional hedge trimming service. (For WHS reasons we do not shape hedges over 2 meters)

Weed Control
From removal by hand to spraying with chemicals we know the best way to remove weeds from your garden beds, between pavers and wherever they might appear. We can also treat your lawn for broadleaf weeds, Bindii and other nasty lawn weeds.

Supply And Install Mulch
We can supply and install a range of mulches that not only look good but will keep your garden beds weed free, as well as helping to retain moisture.


Fertilising Lawns And Gardens
Healthy lawns and gardens require nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, zinc, magnesium etc. Over time these become depleted and need to be replaced either chemically (slow release fertiliser) or organically (dynamic lifter). We can supply either fertiliser to your lawn or garden to ensure it looks its best at all times.

Pre-sale Garden Makeover
We give your garden the once over so it is looking its best for your marketing campaign; from shaping hedges to cutting straight edges, installing mulch and
pressure washing your paths. We do it all including adding value to the end result!

End Of Lease Garden Clean Up
Take some of the stress out of moving and leave it to us to mow the lawn, weed the garden beds, shape the hedges and remove all the garden waste. We won’t leave anything for your property manager to complain about!